Sidorov D.A., Luzyanin S.L., U. Aibek, Proshchalykin M.Yu.

New data on bees of the genus Andrena Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae) from Tyva Republic, Russia

Number: 413, Pages: 8 - 14

Data on 19 species of the bee genus Andrena Fabricius (Andrenidae) collected in Tyva Republic of Russia are presented. Of them, seven species, namely Andrena bimaculata (Kirby, 1802), A. falsifica Perkins, 1915, A. gallica Schmiedeknecht, 1883, A. ishiharai Hirashima, 1953, A. nippon Tadauchi et Hirashima, 1983, A. nitida (Müller, 1776), and A. simillima Smith, 1851 are recorded for the fauna of this region for the first time. An updated checklist of the 27 species of Andrena so far known from Tyva Republic is provided.

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