S. V. Triapitsyn and V. V. Berezovskiy

Review of the genus Litus Haliday, 1833 in the Holarctic and Oriental Regions, with notes on the Palaearctic species of Arescon Walker, 1846 (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae).

Number: 141, Pages: 1 - 24

Six species of the genus Litus Haliday are reviewed. L. cynipseus Haliday and L. camptopterus Novicky are newly recorded from Russia. Three new species: L. karapuz sp. n. (Japan and Republic of Korea), L. sutil sp. n. (Thailand), and L. usach sp. n. (Nepal) are described. New synonymies are proposed: Litus Haliday, 1833 = Neolitus Ogloblin, 1935, syn. n.; L. camptopterus Novicky, 1953 = L. distinctus Botoc, 1964, syn. n.; L. cynipseus Haliday, 1833 = L. krygeri Kieffer, 1913, syn. n. Two species are excluded from Litus: Camptoptera enocki (Howard, 1896), comb. n. and Dicopomorpha schleideni (Girault, 1912), comb. n., and one species is transferred to Litus from Neolitus: L. argentinus (Ogloblin, 1935), comb. n. A key to the five species of Litus distributed in the Holarctic and Oriental regions is given. Notes are provided on the taxonomy and distribution of three Palaearctic species of the genus Arescon Walker.

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