S. V. Triapitsyn and V. V. Berezovskiy

Review of the genus Anargus Haliday, 1833 (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) in Russia, with notes on some extralimital species.

Number: 139, Pages: 1 - 36

Twenty-nine species (three of them unnamed) are reviewed. Anagrus (Anagrus) ainu sp. n. (Sakhalin) and A. (A.) kvas sp. n. (Primorskii krai, Sakhalin, China) are described and illustrated. A new synonymy is proposed: A. (A.) bakkendorfi Soyka, 1946 = A. incarnatus fuscus Botoc, 1963, syn. n. Seventeen species are newly recorded from Russia. New data on the distribution, hosts, and taxonomy of five other (extralimital) Palaearctic species of Anagrus are provided. A key to the twenty-two species distributed in the Russian Far East is given.

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