Bragina T. M., Dyachkov Yu.V., Farzalieva G.Sh.

New data on the centipede fauna (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) of Kostanay Region, Kazakhstan

Number: 406, Pages: 27 - 32

The centipede fauna of the Kostanay Region of Kazakhstan consists of 10 species from 6 genera, 4 families and 3 orders. Lithobius lucifugus L. Koch, 1862 is new to the fauna of Kazakhstan. Five species, Scutigera coleoptrata (Linnaeus, 1758), Lithobius forficatus (Linnaeus, 1758), L. crassipes L. Koch, 1862, Disphaerobius loricatus (Sseliwanoff, 1881), and Polyporogaster porosa (Sseliwanoff, 1881), as well as families Scutigeridae (genus Scutigera Lamarck, 1801) and Himantariidae (genus Polyporogaster Verhoeff, 1899) are recorded from the Kostanay Region for the first time.

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