Kaplin V.G., Kiseleva L.V., Kozhevnikova O.P.

New species of bristrletails of the genus Coryphophthalmus Verhoeff, 1910 (Archaeognatha: Machilidae) from North and South Ossetia

Number: 406, Pages: 1 - 13

A new bristletail species, Coryphophthalmus morulus Kaplin, sp. n. and C. tskhinvalicus Kaplin, sp. n. are described from North and South Ossetia (Caucasus Major), respectively. Both new species with 2 + 2 eversible vesicles on abdominal coxites II–IV belongs to the subgenus Coryphophthalmus s. str. C. morulus sp. n. differs from other species of this subgenus by the body size, color of the compound eyes, structure of maxillary palps and urocoxite IX. Clypeus, maxillary palps and labial palps of males C. tskhinvalicus sp. n., as well as C. kislovodski (Kaplin, 2010) and C. lermontovi (Kaplin, 2015) without numerous long thin setae, but found in males of other species of this subgenus. New species clearly differs from C. kislovodski and C. lermontovi by the color of the compound eyes and paired ocelli, structure of compound eyes, urosternites, urocoxites IX, ovipositor and male genitalia.

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