Fateryga A.V.

New records of Celonites kozlovi Kostylev, 1935 and C. sibiricus Gusenleitner, 2007 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Masarinae), with observations on their behavior at flowers

Number: 405, Pages: 20 - 32

The distribution of Celonites kozlovi Kostylev, 1935 and C. sibiricus Gusen­leitner, 2007 is summarized. Celonites kozlovi is firstly reported from Russia and C. sibiricus is firstly reported from Kazakhstan. The lectotype of C. kozlovi is designated and its type locality in Mongolia is specified in detail (to the south of Mt. Dund Saikhany Nuruu, Ömnögovi Prov.). Both species were observed in Kosh-Agach District of the Altai Republic, Russia. Females of C. kozlovi collected pollen at flowers of Dracocephalum peregrinum L. (Lamiaceae). They consumed pollen directly from the anthers and then penetrated deeply into the corolla tube to collect nectar. Females of C. sibiricus used flowers of D. peregrinum and D. nutans L. but collected pollen by a different way. They used specialized pollen-collecting setae on the frons by rubbing them over the anthers so that pollen grains accumulated on them; afterwards, pollen was transferred from the head to the mouthparts by brushing movements of the fore legs. After that, they also collected nectar from the same flowers of Dracocephalum spp. Both wasp species occasionally visited flowers of some other plant species for nectar collecting only. Males of C. sibiricus were observed at the forage sites while males of C. kozlovi are still unknown.

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