Legalov A.A.

New species and new subgenus of the genus Cotasteromimus Chûjô et Voss, 1960 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from the Philippines

Number: 405, Pages: 15 - 19

Cotasteromimus (Cotasterorhinus subgen. n.) philippinensis Legalov, sp. n. is described and illustrated from Mindanao and Luzon (Philippines). The new subgenus differs from the nominative subgenus in the presence of distinct teeth on the femora. The new species is similar to Cotasteromimus squamiger Morimoto et Miyakawa, 1985 but differs in the dentate femora, sparse and coarsely punctate pronotum, elytra in the apical quarter more strongly narrowed laterally and uniformly convex dorsally, and weakly rounded apex of the aedeagus. Distribution map for species of the genus Cotasteromimus is given also.

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