Zettel H., Pangantihon C.V.

A new species of the Timasius livens species group (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Hebridae) from Cambodia and Vietnam

Number: 405, Pages: 8 - 14

Timasius alveus Zettel et Pangantihon, sp. n. from Cambodia and Vietnam is described and illustrated. It belongs to the ‘livens‘ species group of the genus Timasius Distant, 1909 and is characterised by some peculiar features of the male’s sterna and genitalia: sternum 4 with area of short pubescence; sterna 5–7 with shallow groove; pygophore with large paired appendages; proctiger apically with six stout setae. An updated diagnosis for the Timasius livens species group and a preliminary key to its species are added.

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