Mutin V.A.

New data on hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) from Russian Far East

Number: 403, Pages: 20 - 24

The genus Metadon Reemer, 2013 and three species, namely Eristalinus aurulans (Wiedemann, 1824), Eristalis kyokoae (Kimura, 1986) and Metadon bifasciatus (Matsumura, 1916), are recorded from Russia for the first time. Taxonomic position of the specimens from Primorskii krai mistakenly determined as Lejogaster nigricans (Stackelberg, 1922) is clarified. Pararctophila oberthuri Herve-Bazin, 1914 is new for Khabarovskii krai as well as Macrozelima hervei (Shiraki, 1930) for Amurskaya oblast.


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