Sergeev M.G., Storozhenko S.Yu., Benediktov A.A.

An annotated check-list of Orthoptera of Tuva and adjacent regions. Part 3. Suborder Caelifera (Acrididae: Gomphocerinae: Gomphocerini; Locustinae)

Number: 402, Pages: 1 - 36

A total of 30 species belonging to the family Acrididae (the tribe Gomphocerini from the subfamily Gomphocerinae, and the subfamily Locustinae = Oedipodinae), are known as occurring in Tuva. Two taxa are recorded from the region for the first time, namely Chorthippus dorsatus orientalis Bey-Bienko and Sphingonotus nebulosus (Fischer de Waldheim). At least 6 species and a subspecies are known from the adjacent areas and listed as probably occurring in the region. Distribution patterns and taxonomic composition of Orthoptera fauna of Tuva are briefly discussed.


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