Aristov D.S.

Revision of the genera Heteroptilon, Nugonioneura and Opistocladus from the Lower Permian of USA (Insecta: Cnemidolestida: Tillyardembiidae, Nugonioneuridae and Parmapteridae)

Number: 401, Pages: 1 - 9

Holotypes of Heteroptilon costale Carpenter, 1976, Nugonioneura problematica Tillyard, 1937 and Opistocladus arquatus Carpenter, 1976 from Lower Permian Elmo locality in Kansas (USA) are redescribed. Family Heteropti­lidae is synonymized with Tillyardembiidae; family Nugonioneuridae nom. recurr. is restored from synonyms of Tococladidae. Both families were attributed to the order Cnemidolestida. Monotypic genus Opistocladus Carpenter, 1976 is attributed to the family Parmapteridae (Cnemidolestida). Key to genera of Tillyardembiidae is provided also.

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