Gorochov A.V.

Taxonomy of the katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from East Asia and adjacent islands. Communication 13

Number: 400, Pages: 1 - 36

The genera Liaromorpha Gor., Liara Redt. and Anelytra Redt. from the tribe Agraeciini (Conocephalinae) are considered. The former genera Unalianus Koçak et Kemal (= Oxystethus Redt.) and Lichnofugia Ingr. are included in Liara s. l. and Anelytra s. l. as their subgenera, respectively. One new subgenus of the latter genus (Stenanelytra subgen. n.) and 19 new species and subspecies are described from Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines: Liaromorpha bispinosa sp. n.; Liara (Liara) bifurcata sp. n.; L. (L.) inaculeata sp. n.; L. (Unalianus) clavata sp. n.; A. (Euanelytra) namlik sp. n.; A. (E.) neofurcata sp. n.; A. (E.) signata sp. n.; A. (E.) parasignata sp. n.; A. (E.) denticulata sp. n.; A. (?E.) bangkirai sp. n.; A. (?E.) phetchaburi sp. n.; A. (Anelytra) archaica sp. n.; A. (A.) anisyutkini sp. n.; A. (A.) superba sp. n.; A. (A.) semicurvata sp. n.; A. (A.) forceps sp. n.; A. (Stenanelytra) busuanga sp. n.; A. (S.) angusticauda sp. n.; A. (S.) nigra khmerica subsp. n. Previously unknown females for Liaromorpha natalicium Gor. and A. (S.) nigra nigra (Ingr.) as well as male for L. nitida Ingr. are also described; Liara (U.) brevipennis (Redt.), stat. resurr. is restored in its original species rank from subspecies of L. (U.) intermedia (Redt.); Anelytra (Perianelytra) pellucida Ingr. is included in A. (P.) propria Gor. as its subspecies; a key to subgenera of Anelytra s. l. is proposed.

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