Makarchenko E.A., Rumyantseva A.Yu., Yavorskaya N.M.

New data on taxonomy and distribution of Kaluginia lebetiformis Makarchenko, 1987 (Diptera: Chironomidae, Diamesinae) from East Asia

Number: 399, Pages: 19 - 28

In comparing the results of DNA barcoding of adult males of Kaluginia lebetiformis Makarchenko from South Korea and the Amur River basin of the Russian Far East, it turned out that the K2P genetic distance obtained using the site of cytochrome oxidase 1 mtDNA 658 bp long between the individuals of both studied popula­tions is 0.641 and corresponds to the species level. However, we did not reveal sufficient morphological differences of the “Korean” and “Amur” chironomids to establish independent species and found it appropriate to give subspecies status for these populations, namely Kaluginia lebeteformis lebetiformis Makarchenko for specimens from the Russian Far East and K. lebetiformis koreana subsp. n. for specimens from South Korea. Illustrated descriptions of adult males of both subspecies as well as the results of DNA barcoding of K. lebetiformis lebetiformis from Amur River basin in comparison with K. lebetiformis koreana subsp. n. and some other known taxa of the tribe Boreoheptagyiini are provided.

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