Grichanov I.Ya.

New species and new records of Lichtwardtia Enderlein, 1912 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from Australasian and Oriental regions

Number: 399, Pages: 1 - 13

A new material for the Paleotropical genus Lichtwardtia Enderlein, 1912 has been recently collected and identified. Lichtwardtia moseikoi sp. n. from Papua Province of Indonesia and L. nabozhenkoi sp. n. from Bali Province of Indonesia are described. New species differ from other representatives of the genus in morphology of male genitalia mainly. L. formosana Enderlein, 1912 is found for the first time in Malaysia and Thailand, L. hirsutiseta (De Meijere, 1916) in India, L. semakau Grootaert et Tang, 2018 in Thailand, and L. singaporensis Grootaert et Tang, 2018 in Malaysia. Illustrations for L. hirsutiseta male genitalia are provided for the first time. A key for six Lichtwardtia species known from Australasian and Sunda Islands is compiled. Remarks are also given on the possible type locality for doubtful species L. ziczac (Wiedemann, 1824).

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