Fateryga A.V.

A new species of the genus Brachypipona Gusenleitner, 1967 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae) from Kazakhstan

Number: 398, Pages: 18 - 23

Brachypipona kurzenkoi Fateryga, sp. n. is described by females from Aktobe, Jambyl, and Almaty provinces of Kazakhstan. The new species is closely related to B. longicornis (Morawitz, 1895) but differs from it by pronotal carina weakly developed and not acutely producing laterally, epicnemial suture not carinate, mesepisternum more sparsely punctured, with shining interstices reaching diameter of punctures, parategula and tergum 6 black. A preliminary key to species of Brachypipona from Kazakhstan and Central Asia (based on females) is provided.

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