Hongsuwong T., Jaitrong W., Tasen W, Zorn C.

New records of shining leaf chafer beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae) from Thailand and Laos

Number: 398, Pages: 8 - 17

Three species of shining leaf chafer beetles (subfamily Rutelinae) are recorded for the first time from Thailand: Rutelarcha quadrimaculata Waterhouse, 1874 and Parastasia anomala Arrow, 1899 (tribe Rutelini) and Mimela campyloclados Prokofiev et Zorn, 2016 (tribe Anomalini). Additionally the last species is new for the fauna of Laos. Habitus and male genitalia of the included species are described and illustrated. A checklist of the species of the genera MimelaParastasia and Rutelarcha of Thailand is given.

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