Kochetkov D.N., Olmi M., Lelej A.S.

Contribution to the knowledge of dryinid wasps genus Anteon Jurine, 1807 (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae) in the Russian Far East

Number: 393, Pages: 11 - 17

Anteon magnatum Kim et Lee, 2013 and A. septentrionale Xu, He et Olmi 2002 are newly recorded from fauna of Russia, A. gaullei Kieffer, 1905 is recorded for the first time from Russian Far East, A. pubicorne (Dalman, 1818) and A. exiguum (Haupt 1941) from Amur province, A. exiguum from Eastern Siberia. The number of known species of the genus Anteon Jurine, 1807 increased in Russia to 18 and Russian Far East to 13. A key to 13 species of Anteon from Russian Far East (based on females) is given.

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