Kirichenko N.I., Akulov E.N., Babichev N.S., Mikhailova I.A., Ponomarenko M.G., Lopez-Vaamonde C.

Past distribution of Tilia-feeding Phyllonorycter micromoth (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in the Russian Far East based on survey of historical herbarium

Number: 390, Pages: 19 - 32

Distribution data of Tilia-feeding Phyllonorycter in the Russian Far East have been retrieved from a century-old Tilia herbarium stored in Vladivostok. Overall, 280 typical mines of Phyllonorycter, some with larvae and pupae, were found on 61 out of 799 herbarized specimens of Tilia spp. collected in Khabarovskii krai and Primorskii krai. For the first time, the presence of Tilia-feeding Phyllonorycter has been documented in Amurskaya oblast and Jewish Autonomous oblast. High densities of the leafminer have been recorded on Tilia amurensis sampled in Khabarovskii krai and Primorskii krai between 1937 and 2005 suggesting a population dynamics with recurrent outbreaks. Our results confirm the importance of historical herbarium collections in studying trophic interactions and invasion ecology of folivore organisms.

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