Sergeev M.G., Storozhenko S.Yu., Benediktov A.A.

An annotated check-list of Orthoptera of Tuva and adjacent regions. Part 2. Suboder Caelifera. Tridactylidae, Tetrigidae, Acrididae: Melanoplinae, Calliptaminae, and Gomphocerinae (except Gomphocerini)

Number: 389, Pages: 7 - 44

The first annotated checklist of the short-horned Orthoptera (Caelifera) of Tuva and adjacent territories is presented. This list is based on numerous published and unpublished data. A total of 42 species belonging to 3 families, namely Tetrigidae (6), Tridactylidae (1), and Acrididae (35 species from the subfamilies Melanoplinae and Calli­ptaminae and from the gomphocerine tribes Chrysochraontini, Arcypterini, Aulacobothrini, and Stenobothrini), are known as occurring in Tuva. Seven species are recorded from the region for the first time, namely Tetrix similans (Bey-Bienko), Zubovskya koeppeni (Zubovsky), Podismopsis poppiusi (Miram), P. jacuta Miram, Stenobothrus nigromaculatus (Herrich-Schäfer), S. carbonarius (Eversmann), and Omocestus petraeus (Brisout de Barneville). Zubovskya mongolica Storozhenko, comb. resurr. is mentioned for the southern part of the Republic of Khakassia for the first time. The first record of Podismopsis jacuta Miram in Krasnoyarsk Region is also published. At least three species are known from the adjacent areas and listed as probably occurring in the region.

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