Grichanov I.Ya.

New species and new records of Lichtwardtia Enderlein, 1912 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from tropical Africa

Number: 387, Pages: 7 - 32

New data on the Afrotropical species of the genus Lichtwardtia Enderlein, 1912 are given. Lichtwardtia dianaensis sp. n. from Madagascar, L. oromiaensis sp. n. and L. musolini sp. n. from Ethiopia, L. nikitai sp. n. from Tanzania and L. ghanaensis sp. n. from Ghana are described. New species differ from other representatives of the genus in morphology of male genitalia mainly. L. microlepis (Parent, 1939), nom. resurr.  is raised from synonymy and diagnosed. L. minuscula (Parent, 1934) is redescribed. L. aethiopica (Bezzi, 1906) described originally from Eritrea is also redescribed and found for the first time in Ethiopia. L. fractinervis (Parent, 1929) is found for the first time in Burundi, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia, L. angularis (Macquart, 1842) in Guinea-Bissau, L. nikolaevae Gri­chanov, 1998 in Zambia, L. tikhonovi Grichanov, 1998 in South Africa. A revised key for males of 23 Afrotropical Lichtwardtia species is compiled. Remarks are also given on the closely related Dolichopus afroungulatus Grichanov, 2004, the only native Afrotropical species of the mainly Holarctic genus Dolichopus Latreille, 1796.

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