Nabozhenko M.V., Tichý V.

Darkling beetles of the tribe Helopini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) of Jordan

Number: 384, Pages: 1 - 9

A list of six Jordanian species of the darkling beetles of the tribe Helopini is given. Entomogonus (Delonurops) amri Nabozhenko et Tichý, sp. n. is described from Jordan and Syria. Two new synonyms are proposed: Catomus (s. str.) acu­tipennis (Reiche et Saulcy, 1857) = Catomus laenoides Reitter, 1922, syn. n.; Catomus (s. str.) hesperides (Reiche, 1861) = Catomus lepidus Reitter, 1922, syn. n. Odocnemis valgus (Baudi di Selve, 1881) is recorded for Jordan for the first time. A key to Jordanian species of Helopini is provided.

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