van Achterberg C., Sundukov Yu.N., Lelej A.S., Belokobylskij S.A.

New data on Gasteruptiidae (Hymeno­ptera) from the Russian Far East

Number: 381, Pages: 1 - 8

Ten species of the Gasteruptiidae from Russian Far East and Siberia are listed. Five species are newly recorded from Russia and one species is new for the Russian Far East. New replacement name Gasteruption graciloides van Achterberg, nom. n. is proposed for G. gracilis Alekseev, 1995, nec Smith, 1859, nec Pasteels, 1956. Gasteruption abeillei Kieffer, 1912, stat. resurr. is resurrected  from the synonyms. A new synonymy are proposed: Gasteruption abeillei Kieffer, 1912 = Trichofoenus breviterebrae Watanabe, 1934, syn. n., Gasteruption hastator (Fabricius, 1804) = Gasteruption formilis Alekseev, 1995, syn. n., Gasteruption japonicum Cameron, 1888 = Gasteryption (!) sibiricum Semenov, 1892, syn. n.

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