Rybalkin S.A., Yakovlev R.V., Knyazev S.A., Beljaev E.A.

New and rare for the fauna of Kunashir Island species of Noctuoidea, Drepanoidea и Geometroidea (Lepidoptera)

Number: 379, Pages: 33 - 36

Pachista superans (Butler, 1878) (Geometridae) is recorded from Russia for the first time. Three species, Melanchra postalba Sugi, 1982 (Noctuidae), Pseudoips sylpha Butler, 1879 (Nolidae), and Oreta pulchripes Butler, 1877 (Drepanidae) are new for the fauna of the Kuril Islands. The actual abundance and distribution of the rare species Asteropetes noctuina (Butler, 1878) (Noctuidae) is specified.

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