Rosa P.

New species of chrysididae (Hymenoptera) from Central Asia, Russia and Iran. Part 1.

Number: 377, Pages: 1 - 25

Eight new species are described from genus Chrysis Linnaeus: C. belokobylskiji sp. n. (Tajikistan, Kyrgyszstan, China, Mongolia), C. gurkoi sp. n. (Tajikistan), C. chalybeia sp. n. (Tajikistan), C. milkoi sp. n. (Kyrgyszstan), C. hyalinopyga sp. n. (Turkmenistan), C. vittoriorosai sp. n. (Turkmenistan), C. niehuisi sp. n. (Tajikistan), C. improba sp. n. (Kazakhstan). A new synonym is proposed for Chrysis Linnaeus, 1761 (=Plexichrysis Balthasar, 1957, syn. n.). The status of C. rutiliventris proba Linsenmaier, 1959 (Pakistan) is raised to a specific rank, stat. n. A new name C. balthasari Rosa, nom. n. is proposed for Plexichrysis amoena Balthasar, 1953, secondary homomyn in the genus Chrysis.

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