Makarchenko E.A., Semenchenko A.A., Kang H., Bae Y.J.

Morphological redescription and DNA barcoding of Kaluginia lebetiformis Makarchenko, 1987 (Diptera: Chironomidae, Diamesinae) from South Korea

Number: 367, Pages: 26 - 32

Illustrated redescription of adult male as well as the results of DNA barcoding of Kaluginia lebetifomis Makarchenko in comparison with known species of the tribe Boreoheptagyiini from South Korea are provided. The species-specificity of K. lebetiformis COI sequences is analyzed and the sequences are presented as diagnostic characters – molecular markers. Intergenus K2P distance between three genera and species of the tribe Boreoheptagyiini – K. lebetiformis, Boreoheptagyia sp. and Shilovia rara Makarchenko ranged from 0.105–0.143 (mean 0.124) and these values are sufficient to maintain the genus level. DNA barcodes of K. lebetiformis was uploaded to GenBank.

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