Ponomarenko M.G., Chernikova P.N.

To the taxonomic position of Lecithocera luridella Christoph and Carcina Hübner in the system of oecophoroid moths (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae sensu lato)

Number: 366, Pages: 1 - 18

The taxonomic position of the Lecithocera luridella Christoph, 1882 and rank of the group Carcina Hübner, [1825] are established on the base of the inte­grative approach, combining comparative morphological and molecular phylogenetic methods. The belonging of the L. luridella to the genus Carcina is established on the base of similarity in the male genitalia with the type species of the genus, Pyralis quercana Fabricius, 1775. On the base of analysis of sequenced fragments mtCOI and nuclear 28SD1 were estimated genetic divergence of group Carcina from other oeco­phoroid taxa. It is revealed that parameters of genetic distances between nucleotide sequences in representatives of oecophoroid family-group taxa are low, but com­parable. Since group Carcina equal-deviated from other oecophoroid taxa of family rank it is proposed to consider this group in the status of separate family. The problem with homonymy of family-group name Carcinidae should be solved by referring to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

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