Grichanov I.Ya.

A new subfamily of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) for Tenuopus Curran, 1924 with description of new species from Tropical Africa

Number: 365, Pages: 1 - 25

A new subfamily Tenuopodinae Grichanov, subfam. n. is created for the genus Tenuopus Curran, 1924, sharing some features of Neurigoninae, Peloropeodinae and Sciapodinae. Tenuopus bururiensis sp. n. and T. kirkspriggsi sp. n. from Burundi, T. gorongosaensis sp. n. from Mozambique, T. kylei sp. n. and T. soderlundi sp. n. from South Africa, and T. lomholdti sp. n. from Tanzania are described. Neotype of T. unicolor (Becker, 1914) is here designated and described. Description of unknown male of T. shcherbakovi Grichanov, 1996 is given. A revised key to species of Tenuopus is also provided and new records for known African species are given.

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