Mirab-balou M.

An updated checklist of Iranian thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera)

Number: 361, Pages: 12 - 36

An updated checklist of Thysanoptera from Iran is provided. The closing date for publications included in this list was 30 April 2018. In total 270 species in 82 genera are listed, of which there are 211 species in the suborder Terebrantia, comprising 171 species in 53 genera in family Thripidae, 31 species in four genera in Aeolo­thripidae, eight species in two genera in Melanthripidae, and one species in Stenurothripidae. In the suborder Tubulifera 59 species in 22 genera are listed in the single family Phlaeothri­pidae.

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