Rosa P.

New records of cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) from Russia with taxonomic notes

Number: 360, Pages: 1 - 14

Hedychrum caucasicum Mocsáry, 1889, Hedychridium palestinense Balthasar, 1953, and Pseudomalus corensis (Uchida, 1927) are newly recorded from Russia. Chrysis inaequipunctata Bischoff, 1910 and Pseudomalus nipponicus (Tsuneki, 1970) are removed from the list of the Russian fauna. The status of C. rutilans var. mesasiatica Semenov, 1912, C. csikiana Mocsáry, 1912 and C. sickmanni Mocsáry, 1893 are reinstated and for the former is updated to specific level. The status of C. inaequalis var. poetica Semenov, 1954, C. inaequalis var. sapphirina Semenov, 1912, and Hedychrum virens var. caucasicum Mocsáry, 1889 are raised to the specific rank. Currently the fauna of Russian Chrysididae numbers 331 species and 12 subspecies in 23 genera.


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