Aristov D.S.

Revision of the family Necrophasmatidae (Insecta: Cnemidolestida)

Number: 359, Pages: 7 - 11

The type genus of the family Necrophasmatidae, Necrophasma MartynĐžv, 1925 from Karatau (Upper Jurassic of Kazakhstan), is redescribed. The monotypic family Juraperlidae from Daohugou (Middle Jurassic of China) is synonymized under Necrophas­matidae (Cnemidolestida). The genus Ferganomadygenia Storozhenko et Vršanský, 1995 from Madygen (Middle Triassic of Kyrgyzstan) is included in this family, which also contains the type genus and Juraperla Huang et Nel, 2007. The family Necrophasmatidae is placed in the suborder Parmapterina of the order Cnemidolestida.

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