Volynkin A.V.

Four new species of the genus Barsine Walker, 1854 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae) from Oriental Region

Number: 358, Pages: 1 - 18

The paper contains descriptions of four new species of the genus Barsine Walker, 1854: Barsine midzhan Volynkin, sp. n. (N Myanmar), Barsine garo Volynkin, sp. n. (NE India), Barsine wernerthomasi Volynkin, sp. n. (NE India and E Nepal) and Barsine cernyi Volynkin, sp. n. (N Myanmar). New synonymy is established: Barsine prominens (Moore, 1878) = Lyclene delicata Moore, 1878, syn. n. Two new combinations are proposed: Barsine peraffinis (Fang, 1991), comb. n. and Barsine collina (Černý, 2016), comb. n. The lectotype for Lyclene prominens Moore, 1878 is designated. Adults, male and female geni­talia of the new and related species are illustrated.

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