S. V. Triapitsyn and V. V. Berezovskiy

Review of the Mymaridae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) of Primorskii krai: genera Arescon Walker and Dicopomorpha Oglobin.

Number: 124, Pages: 1 - 15

Three species of Arescon and two species of Dicopomorpha are included in this review. A. zenit sp. n. (Primorskii krai, Russia) and D. koreana sp. n. (South Korea) are described. A. dimidiatus (Curtis) is newly recorded from Russia. A new synonymy is proposed: A. dimidiatus (Curtis, 1832) = A. flaviventris (Ryland, 1922), syn. n. Keys to the three Palaearctic species of Arescon and two Palaearctic species of Dicopomorpha are given.

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