V. A. Mutin

Review of the Far Eastern species of the genus Pipiza Fallén, 1810 (Diptera, Syrphidae).

Number: 121, Pages: 1 - 16

Sixteen species are recorded from the Russian Far East, including four new ones. Pipiza maritima sp. n. (Kuril Islands), P. nitidifrons sp. n. (south of Far East), P. poday sp. n., and P. lesovik sp. n. (Khabarovskii krai) are described. P. convexifrons Violovitsh and P. fenestrata Meigen are newly recorded from the Russian Far East. P. fasciata Meigen, P. festiva Meigen, P. noctiluca (Linnaeus), P. signata Meigen, P. notata Meigen, and P. dubium (Lundbeck) are excluded from the list of the Far Eastern species. New synonymy is proposed: P. accola Violovitsh, 1985 = P. magadanica Violovitsh, 1985, syn. n.; P. austriaca Meigen, 1822 = P. austriaca nigricans Violovitsh, 1988, syn. n. Key to the sixteen species in males and females is given.

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