M. Ju. Mandelshtam

New synonymy, new records and lectotype designation in Palaearctic Scolytidae (Coleoptera).

Number: 119, Pages: 6 - 11

The new synonymies and new combinations are established: Ips hauseri Reitter, 1894 = I. ussuriensis Reitter, 1913, syn. n.; Polygraphus punctifrons Thomson, 1886 = P. seriatus Reitter,1913, syn. n.; Pityophthorus lichtensteinii (Ratzeburg, 1837) = P. rossicus Eggers, 1915, syn. n.; Pityophthorus abietinus Wood, 1989 = P. kurentzovi Krivolutskaja, 1996, syn. n.; Cryphalus longus (Eggers, 1926) = C. alni Krivolutskaja, 1958, syn. n.; C. malus Niijima, 1909 = C. padi Krivolutskaja, 1958, syn. n.; Taphrorychus carpini (Kurenzov, 1941), comb. n. = Dryocoetes carpini Eggers, 1942, syn. n. = D. carpini Stark, 1952, syn. n.; T. picipennis (Eggers, 1926), comb. n. The lectotypes are designated here for eight species. Sphaerotrypes coimbatorensis Stebbing, 1906 should be excluded from the list of Far Eastern species.

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