A. S. Lelej

To the knowledge of East Asian species of the tribe Smicromyrmini Bischoff, 1920 (Hymenoptera, Mutilidae) with description of four new genera and eight new species.

Number: 13, Pages: 1 - 28

Six genera and 23 species are reviewed. Four new genera Andreimyrme gen. n. (type species – A. long sp. n.), Ephucilla gen. n. (type species – Mutilla naja Zavattari), Tsunekimyrme gen. n. (type species – Mutilla fluctuata Smith), Sinotilla gen. n. (type species – Smicromyrme boheana Chen) and 8 new species A. long sp. n. (China, Yunnan), E. panfilovi sp. n. (Yunnan), E. cheni sp. n. (Yunnan), Physetopoda thai sp. n. (Thailand), Sinotilla hong sp. n. (Yunnan), S. belokobylskiji sp. n. (North Vietnam), S. viet sp. n. (North Vietnam), S. bacbo sp. n. (North Vietnam) are described. The key to 12 Oriental and Palaearctic genera is given.

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