Z. A. Fedotova

New species of gall midges (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 118, Pages: 1 - 35

Fifteen new species of gall midges are described from Primorskii krai: Dasineura tavolga sp. n., Asteralobia (Euasteralobia) clematidis sp. n., A. (E.) spiraeae sp. n., A. (E.) veronicastrum sp. n., Gynandrobremia populicola sp. n., G. maackiaefloris sp. n., Trotteria humulopsidis sp. n., T. veronicastricola sp. n., T. clematicola sp. n., T. asteralobiphila sp. n., Lestodiplosis rabdosiae sp. n., L. maackiae sp. n., Mycodiplosis filipendulae sp. n., M. fraxinicola sp. n., and Ametrodiplosis maackiae sp. n. The data on their biology, gallforming and distribution are given. All species are monophagous, forming galls, or their inquilines. Almost all species reared from the galls on trees and shrubs. Spiraea salicifolia, Clematis brevicaudata, Veronicastrum sibiricum, Populus koreana, and Maackia amurensis firstly recorded as the host-plants for the gall midges.

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