S. V. Triapitsyn and V. V. Berezovskiy

Review of the Mymaridae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) of Primorskii krai: genera Anagroidea Girault and Eubroncus Yoshimoto, Kozlov et Trjapitzin.

Number: 114, Pages: 1 - 17

Five species of Anagroidea, including the newly described A. marina sp. n. from Primorskii krai, Russia, and two species of Eubroncus are reviewed and keyed. New synonymy is proposed: A. dubia (Girault, 1913) = Dahmsia australiensis Doutt, 1975, syn. n. A. dryas Girault and E. prodigiosus (Yoshimoto, Kozlov et Trjapitzin) are redescribed and illustrated.

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