S. Yu. Storozhenko

To the knowledge of the genus Chorthippus Fieber, 1852 and related genera (Orthoptera: Acrididae).

Number: 113, Pages: 1 - 16

A new genus Schmidtiacris gen. n. (type species – Stauroderus schmidti Ikonnikov, 1913) is described. Glyptobothrus Chopard, 1951, stat. n. and Megaulacobothrus Caudell, 1921 are considered as distinct genera. Genus Chorthippus Fieber, 1852 is divided into two subgenera only (Chorthippus Fieber and Altichorthippus Jago, 1971). Forty three new combinations are proposed. Glyptobothrus maritimus (Mistshenko, 1951), stat. n. is regarded as a distinct species. G. maritimus jacutus subsp. n. (Yakutia) and G. maritimus insularis subsp. n. (North Sakhalin) are described.

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