S. Yu. Storozhenko, A. S. Lelej, N. V. Kurzenko, Yu. A. Tshistjakov and V. S. Sidorenko

Insect biodiversity of the Russian Far East.

Number: 109, Pages: 1 - 28

The insect fauna of Russian Far East (RFE) is represented by about 31500 estimated species from 629 recorded families of 31 orders. The largest orders are Hymenoptera (72 families, 9000 estimated species), Diptera (119 families, 8000 estimated species), Coleoptera (114 families, 5500 estimated species), Lepidoptera (81 families, 5000 estimated species). The list of recorded insect families as the estimated number of species for each RFE region are given firstly. The distribution of some families in Russia is restricted by RFE only. Among 93 insect species included in Red Data Book of Russian Federation 43 occur in RFE only. The most rich insect fauna associated with mixed broad-leaved-coniferous forests in the south of RFE. Eastern Palaearcric species are dominated in RFE (more than 50 %). There are two hot insect biodiversity spots on RFE: Primorskii krai and Kuril Islands. Comparison of number species in the RFE with other Holarctic regions is given.

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