V. I. Tobias

Additional data to the subfamily Opiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 108, Pages: 1 - 10

The species described by M. Fischer (1998, 1999, 2001) in the genera Opius (O. alekhinoensis, O. disparens, O. extremorientis, O. interpunctatus, O. mishiformis, O. partisanskiensis, O. protractiterebra, O. rugipropodealis, O. transbaikalicus, O. uttoisimilis), Aulonotus (A. kotenkoi) and Biosteres (B. kurilicus, B. rectinotaulis) from the Russian Far East after the publication of Opiinae section in the "Key to the species of Russian Far East" (Tobias, 1998) are compared with related species in the keys of genera Opius and Biosteres. Diagnostic differences of these species are given. New synonymy is proposed: Aulonotus kunashiricus Fischer, 1998 (July 31) = Opius subholconotus Tobias, 1998 (Dec. 5), syn. n. New distribution data are given for some species.

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