A. S. Lelej and K. V. Krombein

Review of the Oriental mutillid wasps of the subfamily Ticoplinae (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae).

Number: 99, Pages: 1 - 18

Subfamily Ticoplinae is newly recorded for Oriental region. Eosmicromyrmilla Lelej et Krombein, gen. n. (type species – E. srilankiensis Lelej et Krombein, sp. n., Sri Lanka), E. chinensis Lelej, sp. n. (China, Yunnan), Cameronilla Lelej, gen. n. (type species – Mutilla oedipus Cameron, 1897, India), Hindustanilla Lelej, gen. n. (type species – H. indica Lelej, sp. n., South India) and H. nathani Lelej, sp. n. (South India) are described. Key to Oriental and Palaearctic genera of tribe Smicromyrmillini is given.

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