P. G. Nemkov

Review of the digger wasps of the genus Synnevrus A. Costa (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae, Bembicinae) of Russia and neighboring countries.

Number: 98, Pages: 1 - 11

The review of eight Synnevrus species is given. S. semenovi sp. n. is described from Tajikistan. Two species are transferred from Nysson to Synnevrus: S. barrei (Radoszkowski, 1893), comb. n. and S. carinifrons (Nemkov, 1995), comb. n. One species is removed from Synnevrus to Nysson: N. guichardi Beaumont, 1967, comb. n. New synonymy is proposed: S. epeoliformis (F. Smith,1856) = N. notabilis Handlirsch, 1895, syn n.; S. grandissimus (Radoszkowski, 1877) = N. grandissimus mongolensis Tsuneki, 1970, syn. n. The lectotype of N. grandissimus is designated. Three species are firstly recorded for Russia, 4 – Ukraine, 2 – Azerbaijan, 1 – Kazakhstan, 3 – Uzbekistan, 1 – Tajikistan, 3 – Turkmenistan. Key to the species is given.

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