A. S. Lelej and A. N. Kupianskaya

The bumble-bees (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombinae) of the Kuril Islands.

Number: 95, Pages: 1 - 17

The distribution of fourteen Bombus species and two Psithyrus species throughout 26 Kuril Islands is given. B. pseudoligusticus Skorikov, 1925, stat. n. is considered as good species. B. ardens sakagamii Tkalcu is newly recorded for the Russia, B. balteatus balteatus Dahlbom and B. sichelii sichelii Radoszkowski are newly recorded for the Kuril Islands. The bumble-bees are firstly collected on the follow islands: Anuchina, Tanfil'eva, Iurii, Zelenyi, Polonskogo, Brat Chirpoev, Yankicha, Ryponkicha Matua, Ekarma, Kharimkotan, Makanrushi, Antsiferova. The distribution data of the bumble-bees on other islands is enlarged. The list of the food plants (61 species of 20 families) visited by bumble-bees is given firstly for the Kuril Islands. The most visited plants are Cirsium, Senecio (Asteraceae), Trifolium, Hedysarum, Lathyrus (Fabaceae), Rosa rugosa (Rosaceae), Pedicularis, Pennellianthus (Scrophulariaceae). The biotic patterns of Kuril Island bumble-bees are discussed.

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