O. G. Gorbunov and Yu. A. Tshistjakov

A review of the clearwing moth (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) of the Russian Far East.

Number: 10, Pages: 1 - 18

Twenty-eight species of the Sessiidae are reviewed. Twelve species (Paranthrenopsis editha Btl., Similipepsis takizawai Arita et Spatenka, Oligophlebia oliveri Gorb. et Eitschb., Sesia yezoensis Hamp., Synanthedon flaviventre Stg., S. martjanovi Shel., S. multitarsus Spatenka at Arita, S. culiciforme L., S. tenue Btl., S. yanoi Spatenka at Arita, Bembecia bestianaeli Capuse and Scalarignathia coreacola Mats.) are recorded for the first time from Russian Far East and Synanthedon polare Stg. is newly recorded for Yakutia. The data on the host plants, habitats and general distribution of all observed species are summarized.

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