V. I. Tobias

New data on subfamily Opiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 83, Pages: 1 - 16

Diagnoses of the genera Biosteres s.str. (17 Far Eastern species), Fopius (4), Diachasmimorpha (16), Psyttalia (9), and Utetes (25), formerly included in Biosteres s. l. and Opius s. l. are given. The generic rank of the genus Nipponopius stat. ressurr. is restored. Fopius kotenkoi sp. n., Opius sycophanta sp. n., Diachasmimorpha kasparyani sp. n. are described; and D. budrysi Acht. is redescribed. Opius maculimembris Tobias, nom. n. is proposed for O. maculipennis Tobias, 1998 (nom. praeocc., non Enderlein, 1912). New synonymy is proposed: Diachasmimorpha paeoniae (Tobias, 1980) = Biosteres flavocapitis Tobias, 1998, syn. n. New generic combinations are proposed for 40 species. New distribution data of the nineteen Far Eastern species are given.

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