M. V. Michailovskaya

A review of the genera Triphleba Rondani, Phora Latreille and Anevrina Lioy (Diptera, Phoridae) from Russian Far East.

Number: 70, Pages: 1 - 16

Nine species of the genus Triphleba, eight species of the genus Phora and four ones of Anevrina are recorded from Russian Far East. T. geniculata sp. n., T. setigera sp. n., T. truncata sp. n. and A. capillata sp. n. from Primorskii krai are described. Following synonyms are proposed: Ph. parvisaltator Goto, 1985 = Ph. advena Michailovskaya, 1986, syn. n.; Ph. saigusai Goto, 1986 = Ph. maritima Michailovskaya, 1986, syn. n. T. distinguenda (Strobl), T. nudipalpis (Becker), Ph. edentata Schmitz, Ph. bullata Schmitz, A. thoracica (Meigen) and A. curvinervis (Becker) are firstly recorded from Russia. Keys to the species of Triphleba, Phora and Anevrina from Russian Far East are given.

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