M. G. Ponomarenko

Catalogue of the subfamily Dichomeridinae (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) of the Asia.

Number: 50, Pages: 1 - 67

The catalogue of the 400 species of the subfamily Dichomeridinae distributed in Asia is compiled firstly. The new combinations with generic names are given for 118 species. One specific name is resurrected from the synonymy. New synonymy are proposed: Helcystogramma Zeller, 1877 = Parelectra Meyrick, 1925, syn. n. = Parelectroides Clarke, 1952, syn. n. = Schemataspis Meyrick, 1918, syn. n.; Acompsia Hübner, <1825> 1816 = Telephila Meyrick, 1923, syn. n.; Ethmiopsis Meyrick, 1935 = Homochelas Meyrick, 1935, syn. n. = Chelophoba Meyrick, 1935, syn. n.; Dichomeris derasella (Denis et Schiffermüller, 1775) = D. paranthes Meyrick, 1936, syn. n.; D. polypunctata Park, 1994 = D. polystigma Park, 1994, syn. n . Eight species are recorded from Russia and two ones from Primorskii krai for the first time.

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