V. N. Makarkin

Notes on Palearctic Hemerobiidae (Neuroptera). I. Introduction and genus Wesmaelius Kruger, 1922. Part 2(2). Subgenus Kimminsia Killington, 1937.

Number: 32, Pages: 17 - 34

A review of 16 species of the subgenus Kimminsia Killington, 1937 with special attention to wing venation and detailed distribution is given. New synonymy is proposed: Wesmaelius conspurcatus (MacLachlan, 1875), stat. n. = Boriomyia amseli H. Aspock et U. Aspock, 1966, syn. n. = Kimminsia pekinensis Yang, 1980, syn. n.; W. navasi (Andreu, 1911) = K. neimenica Yang, 1980, syn. n.; W. ravus (Withycombe, 1923) = K. ogatai Nakahara, 1956, syn. n. The following species were recorded for first time: W. altissimus Ohm from Korea and Kirgizia, W. sinicus Tjed. from Russia, W. sufuensis Tjed. from Kazakhstan and Tadzhikistan, W. mortoni McL. from Ukraine, W. ravus With. from Japan, W. subnebulosus  Steph. from Azerbadzhan, W. conspurcatus McL. from Kirgizia.

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