A. V. Fateryga

New records of solitary vespid wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae, Masarinae) from Russia and adjacent countries.

Number: 334, Pages: 1 - 16

New data on distribution of 24 species of vespid wasps of subfamilies Eumeninae and Masarinae from Russia and adjacent countries are given, including two subspecies, six species, and one genus new for Russian fauna as well as one species new for Mongolia, one species new for China, two species new for Turkmenistan, two species new for Azerbaijan, and one species new for Georgia and Armenia. The hitherto unknown male of Ancistrocerus kazbekianus is described. A new synonymy is proposed for Stenodynerus fastidiosissimus difficilis (Morawitz, 1867) = Odynerus proximus Morawitz, 1867, syn. n. The lectotype of O. proximus is designated.

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