Proshchalykin M.Yu., Astafurova Yu.V., Levchenko T.V., Shlyakhtenok A.S., Schwarz M.

The species-group names of bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea, Apiformes) described from Crimea, North Caucasus, European part of Russia and Ural. Part III. Families Melittidae and Apidae (Except Bombus Latreille and Apis Linnaeus)

Number: 396, Pages: 17 - 44

An annotated list of 95 species-group names of bees from 17 genera of fa­milies Melittidae и Apidae (except Bombus and Apis) described by 22 authors from Crimea, North Caucasus, European part of Russia and Ural in 1848–2017 is given. Of them 47 species are valid. For each taxon the data about the types and their depository, current taxonomic status and distribution are given. Lectotypes are designated for 24 nominal taxa: Anthophora albifrons Eversmann, 1852, A. atricilla Eversmann, 1846, A. borealis Morawitz, 1864, A. deserticola Morawitz, 1872, A. nigricornis Morawitz, 1872, Crocisa affinis Morawitz, 1874, Epeolus luctuosus Eversmann, 1852, Eucera caspica Morawitz, 1874, Macrocera mediocris Eversmann, 1852, Melecta eversmanni Radoszkowski, 1893, Nomada dubia Eversmann, 1852, N. lineola rufomaculata Łoziński, 1922, N. lutea Eversmann, 1852, N. pastoralis Eversmann, 1852, N. rubricosa Eversmann, 1852, Pasites fasciata Eversmann, 1852, P. schottii Eversmann, 1852, Phileremus abdominalis Eversmann, 1852, Ph. hirsutulus Evers­mann, 1852, Saropoda fulva Eversmann, 1852, Tetralonia basalis Morawitz, 1870, T. nana Morawitz, 1874, T. radoszkovskyi Morawitz, 1872, and T. velutina Morawitz, 1874. A new synonymy is proposed: Nomada mitaii Proshchalykin, 2010 = N. obscuriceps Schwarz et Levchenko, 2017, syn. n.

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